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     In late February, the Academy hosted a two-part social etiquette workshop series. Part 1 involved an informational session in the CHS library in which Robin Vitiello conducted a presentation on the specifics of social etiquette . Students learned about ways to conduct oneself at a dinner party, how to handle place settings, the proper way to pass food, and much more. It also included an interactive activity in which students used the things they learned to eat a donut with a knife and fork as they would eat a meal at a formal social setting. It was so much fun!

     Two weeks later, Part 2 of the series commenced. Students went on a field trip to Northwest Career and Technical Academy where the culinary program served a 4 course meal. Students were encouraged to practice small talk and eat lunch the way they would at a formal banquet. Prior to lunch, guest speaker and etiquette expert Paula Lawrence taught students more about the specifics of social etiquette.  

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