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     Every summer, AOF students work as paid interns at local businesses in an industry that suits their interests. These internships help students gain work experience and establish relationships with business professionals. Our internship model is based on the National Academy Foundation's proven template for engaging in successful internships.


     Students work for approximately 100 hours during the summer, in business and finance industries including retail, non-profit, banking, finance, design, marketing, advertising, insurance and others. Intern providers work with students to develop professional skills such as, project management, time management, professional communication, and customer service.


     Intern providers also evaluate students at the conclusion of their internship and attend an internship presentation in which students recap their internship experience. Rising junior students who will soon embark on their summer internship journey, attend this presentation to learn more about internship opportunities. 


     If you'd like to hire one of our AOF students to serve as an intern in your organization, please click the button below to complete the Employer Job Description Form.  


Our Intern Providers

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