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     Each near, nearly 30 Academy of Finance (AOF) students seek out internships to develop work experience and exposure to a variety of career fields of their interest. Our students begin developing the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace starting their first year in our program. AOF equips students with business courses, career readiness workshops, and mentorships to assist in their professional development. Your support of our program by offering an internship will provide the necessary workplace skills our students ask for. 

     We are looking for community partners who can provide an internship for approximately 75-150 hours.  If you would like to provide an internship, please complete the Employer Job Description Form by clicking the button below. This form will help our students not only learn about your organization and the position, it gives them the real-world experience of reviewing job postings, and applying for a job. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

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