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The Academy of Finance (AOF) is represented by the National Academy Foundation and located in the Clark County School District of Nevada. Our mission is to provide our students with a college and career-focused curriculum alongside professional development opportunities with companies and business professionals.


     We prepare our students for business-related majors and careers through our course of study, curated to establish a solid foundation in business fundamentals, mathematics, language arts, and social studies. We emphasize hands-on learning and introduce a broad spectrum of career-oriented opportunities for our students to develop professional experiences, skills, and knowledge to maximize their potential for promising futures.

     Teachers within the Academy of Finance carry years of industry experience including, accounting, sales & marketing, entrepreneurship, business computers and more. This experience, along with a rigorous academic program, has made AOF a premier program within the Clark County
School District since 1997.

     Our Academy is a diverse, close-knit community of students who are provided exclusive activities and opportunities such as college and career field trips, professional development workshops, guest speaker events, job shadowing, summer internships, and life coach mentorships.


The distinguished business and leadership clubs, DECA, FBLA, & the Real Estate club are also offered at Clark High School. Several AOF students hold positions on the school officer boards as well as the state boards, and actively participate, and place as finalists in the annual state and national competitions for DECA & FBLA.


     The Academy of Finance team strives to create a powerful community to support our students every step of the way so they can learn, grow, further their potential, and get down to business.

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