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     One of the premier offerings in the Academy of Finance is our Business Mentor Program. The program relies on community partners to serve as a guide, or advisor, for AOF students throughout their high school career.


     The mentor can serve as a resource for a student working on business-related school assignments, or to discuss hobbies, aspirations, and high school. Students and their mentors participate in activities throughout the year such as the AOF Book Club, TED Talk events, and volunteering in the community.


     Mentors also assist students with their college and career preparation. Activities include resume writing, learning about different business industries, and exploring college options. Some of our mentors even help students obtain their first job.


     AOF students are partnered with business professionals at the beginning of their sophomore year and maintain their partnership for the rest of their time in the AOF program.


     Our goal is to help our students achieve their highest potential. We’d like to thank you for your consideration to serve as a mentor for one of our Academy of Finance students, and assist in their success. 


     If you’d like to become a business mentor, please complete the online application by clicking below. We’ll contact you about our program once we receive your application. Thank you for your interest!

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