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     Academy students participate in various workshops each year that are college and career focused. Students apply college, career and financial literacy skills they learn in AOF to their workshop experience. See below for the different grade-level workshops students participate in annually.


     Freshmen students participate in several workshops to get them started on the right foot. They kick off the school year learning how to manage their time and projects using the Google Suite apps. Freshmen also learn the proper way to greet people and introduce themselves in the "Handshake Workshop."  Freshmen AOF students also create their first resume and learn the importance of keeping their resume updated. Then in the spring, freshmen join forces with junior class AOF students to participate in the annual "Mad City Money" financial literacy event.


     Sophomore students participate in three workshops each year, starting with "Professional Networking" in the fall. During this workshop, students learn the importance of networking and how to create their LinkedIn profile. Students learn the tips and tricks to connect with professionals, teachers, community members, as well as national and international leaders. Sophomores also update their resumes during the workshop and use it for their LinkedIn profile.


Later during the fall semester, sophomores partner with senior AOF students for the "Eating Etiquette Workshops." During this two-part program, students learn proper etiquette for eating out with family, friends, and colleagues. In the first workshop, students learn how to hold utensils as they eat a doughnut and they learn how to make small talk during a meal. The workshop series culminates at a culinary magnet high school where students attend a formal banquet lunch to practice their skills on business professionals who are also in attendance. 


     AOF junior class students are getting ready for their first jobs, so they participate in several activities to best prepare them for the workforce.  Students attend a resume update workshop to put their best foot forward.

Junior students also participate in the "Interview Skills Workshop" where they gain the confidence to handle job interviews as well as dress-for-success skills.

Junior students also attend a "Writing Thank Yous Workshop" to learn the most effective techniques used for acknowledging their interviews. 


All of their preparation workshops gets the AOF students ready for the annual Mock Interview Contest held in the spring at Clark High School.


     AOF works to prepare senior students for post secondary opportunities. Seniors, attend several workshops to get them ready for their college and career journey.


Starting in 2023, AOF seniors will attend the newly created "College Preparation Workshop." This day-long workshop is a hands-on session where students learn how to create a college budget, apply for FAFSA, create an account on Common App, and complete college applications. During the workshop, seniors identify the most important factors they're looking for in their college selection. Guest speakers also help answer students' questions about college preparation.


Along with their sophomore colleagues, seniors attend two "Eating Etiquette Workshops" to help prepare them for college and job restaurant meetings. Seniors also update their resumes to best prepare for college application season. 

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