Academy of Finance students are expected to participate in AOF-only program offerings: 


Mentorships: Sophomore AOF Students are assigned a business mentor who will guide them until graduation.


Internships: Paid Internships are available to qualified AOF Junior students during the summer between junior-senior year.


Project Portfolios: AOF students create portfolios beginning freshmen year and are encouraged to use their portfolios to showcase their Academy projects during job interviews and college interviews.

standard diploma

In Nevada, a standard diploma means the student has successfully completed 22 1/2 credits.

advanced diploma

Fulfill Standard Diploma requirements plus additional 1 1/2 credits and required minimum 3.25 without
Bonus Points GPA.

advanced honors diploma

Fulfill Advanced Diploma requirements and the prescribed Honors AP/IB classes, and 3.25 GPA without Bonus Points and 3.85 GPA with Bonus Points minimum GPA.