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    Students can apply to be paired with a business professional who serves as a mentor during their high school years. The business professional can serve as a resource for students working on AOF class assignments, or just to discuss hobbies and high school in general.

  • Mentors are paired with 1-2 students in 10th , 11th or 12th grade and maintain their partnership until graduation.

  • Time commitment - We ask that mentors meet once a month during the school year. These can be on your own, or in organized settings. Mentors may meet with both students together if two students are assigned. Ideas for meetings are: 

    • On-campus discussions individually or in a small group​

    • Video conference meeting

    • Attend sessions planned by AOF such as Ted Talk discussions, book club, mentor kickoff breakfast, and end-of-the-year luncheon

  • During the summer, reach out to each other via phone/text/video conferencing.

  • Each student may have different things they want to gain from their mentor relationship, and this can change over time. Keep the lines of communication open in this regard!

  • The student can be in charge of setting the agenda for meetings - ask them what they want to talk about, for example: 

    • Career exploration and preparation​

    • Resumes

    • Interviewing skills

    • Academic issues

    • Projects they are working on for class or extracurriculars such as DECA and FBLA 

    • College planning

    • Work/life balance

    • Hobbies and extracurricular activities 

    • Leadership

  • Scheduling is at the convenience of the student/mentor. Student is responsible for taking care of school paperwork for being excuses from class.

     For more information about our Mentor Program, please see our video below. If you'd like to apply as a mentor for 1 or more of the Academy of Finance students, click on the link below.

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