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    Students can apply to be paired with a business professional who serves as a mentor during their high school years. The business professional can serve as a resource for students working on AOF class assignments, or just to discuss hobbies and high school in general.


     Business professionals are asked to volunteer their time to mentor 1 or 2 Academy of Finance students. Mentors are asked to meet at least monthly for a class period and be prepared to discuss topics of the student's choice. The mentor can schedule these meetings at his/her convenience and the Academy of Finance hosts events throughout the year for mentors and their students. We also ask mentors to maintain a relationship with their student(s) for the duration of their time in the AOF program. 

     For more information about our Mentor Program, please see our video below. If you'd like to apply as a mentor for 1 or more of the Academy of Finance students, click on the link below.

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